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…and I like it! James Howard Kunstler may be best known for his social commentary in such books as The Long Emergency (2006), and, my enduring favorite, The Geography of Nowhere (1994).  However, he evidently remains at heart a novelist, or as he puts it in interviews “a prose stylist”.  He has devoted his last two […]

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Urban Redevelopment Scheme

I’m filing this one away for activation after I make my first billion… It turns out there’s an almost entirely abandoned city only 30 miles from The Loop on the shore of Lake Michigan.  What a far-sighted someone needs to do is buy up the center of the city and redevelop it into the Model […]

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Solar Energy Links

Good place to start for the basics: Wikipedia articles on solar cells, solar power, photovoltaics. Some blogs I’ve come across that might be worth following on this (and other renewable energy resources): The Energy Blog, Alternative Energy Blog, a guy who calls his site “The War Against Oil” (how could I pass up linking to […]

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