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Here’s a little puzzle about Fuchsian groups. [A collaborator came up with it and we’d like to use it to simplify a proof in a paper, but I think it’s a question that may have totally independent interest.] Is any Fuchsian group $latex \Gamma_1$ of the first kind with at least one cusp contained as […]

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Solar Energy Links

Good place to start for the basics: Wikipedia articles on solar cells, solar power, photovoltaics. Some blogs I’ve come across that might be worth following on this (and other renewable energy resources): The Energy Blog, Alternative Energy Blog, a guy who calls his site “The War Against Oil” (how could I pass up linking to […]

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Edward Aldwell, 1938-2006

Checking up on what Aldwell was up to these days–I remembered hearing something vague about his working on some new recordings–I found out that he died in an ATV accident a few months ago. Turns out he was getting ready to record the English Suites, but now we’ll never get to find out to find […]

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Tao Times

The Times has this article up on the life and work of Terence Tao. Unfortunately, they mis-state the Green-Tao Theorem: Dr. Tao and Dr. Green proved that it is always possible to find, somewhere in the infinity of integers, a progression of prime numbers of any spacing and any length. If this were the theorem, […]

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